Saturday, February 25, 2012


Up at 6:00am to take Jim to the airport.
Back home to three loads of laundry.
Cleaned kitchen.
Changed sheets on bed.
Gathered tax papers.
Organized Coat Closet.
Filed bills and school work.
30 minutes on bike at the Ridge.
Attended Baby Shower for Rachel...won a game, won a prize!
Returned items to two stores for refunds.
Shopped Target, Ross and Michael's with zero purchases.
Home for dinner, homemade veggie soup.
To church at 6:00pm.
Home by 7:30.
Exchanged 60 texts with Jim before he left the country.
Grace came to get the Toyota because the Honda is making weird noises.
I told David "no" he could not play soccer because he needs to focus on schoolwork.
Heading to the bathtub to soak in my rose-fragranced bath confetti.
There's a book on my bedside table just waiting to be read tonight.
Good Night.

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