Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sundays and the Cats

We are so blessed to have some very special MSU students in our lives.  We have become acquainted with many students that attend our church, and have invited several of the athletes for Sunday Dinners. 

This is not the first time in our lives that college athletes have eaten at our table (Shout out to Pat, Ty and Brandon!)  These particular young men are a long way from their home in Texas, so it's our hope to bring a little "home" to them. We even let them eat in front of the TV!

Their significant others are a joy to visit with, and you can bet they LOVE to watch football, too.

And I am always fascinated by the size of shoes they kick off at our door!

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Smits Family said...

awww... i remember the days of being the significant other at your table... and being so impressed with your children and how sweet and selfless they all were at the table.