Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Three Envelope

This morning it was a bit rocky getting David out the door.  Who am I kidding?  Every morning is a bit rocky getting David out the door.  But this morning, as Grace waited in the car, honking in the driveway, I resorted to griping at him, in a lovely high-pitched whine.  Grrr!  At times I have unending patience, but not so much this morning.  He finally got out the door and I started to breathe again.  I signed on the computer hoping to catch Jim for a quick chat.  Somehow he makes things all better.  But he wasn't online.

Then I remembered our envelopes he left for us.  I opened Day 3's envelope and found a sweet note to Grace attached to a new CD.

I love you and your heart for worship.
Have a great concert!

I was delighted to see that Jim had...
1. ...bought a CD for Grace
2.  ...affirmed her heart
3.  ...remembered she has a concert tonight.

It kind of turned my morning around. What a great dad!

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