Friday, February 24, 2012

More "Less"

You may remember that last year my word for the year was "strength" and that I bought a ring with "strength" engraved around the band. 
Well, when I decided on the word "less" for 2012, I set out to get a piece of jewelry to wear that said "less".  Easier said than done.  Several vendors offered "fearless" jewelry, and one even suggested I just wear the "less" charm.  Purchasing a piece of jewelry for full price, and wearing only half of it lacks a certain appeal in my book.  So I thought about commissioning a jeweler to make me a "less" piece, but it was quite expensive to do that, and that kind of defeated the purpose of "less".  Until I thought of Christa.  She had made me some darling charms for mom's day and I wondered if she had any more supplies to make me a "less" charm.  She did.

 I re-purposed an old bangle bracelet and pendant hardware, and I attached the "less" charm.  I love it.  I wear it nearly every day.  It's a constant reminder of my goal for this year. 

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jasonandchrista said...

Glad you like it! Love ya!